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Image by Yulia Khvorostiana


I am a native Texan and love all things Texas! I was born in Beaumont and lived in the wonderful town of Nederland until the age of 11.  I loved the Black and Gold and our Nederland Bulldogs. Every Friday night, I watched and dreamt of being a Cheerleader. My parents informed me that spring that we were moving to Dallas.  I was very apprehensive about starting Junior High in a new town, but I was truly not prepared for what I would see when we arrived... a water tower that said “Lewisville Fighting Farmers” and a football player carrying a pitchfork! To say the least, I cried and cried, how could I love the Farmers?  My cheer coach, a senior cheerleader, told me that your school experiences are what you make it. Be involved in everything that you can, and cherish the memories! So I did… my blood ran maroon and I was a Fighting Farmer for life!


The excitement of Homecoming and the Texas tradition of the Homecoming Mum is REAL, y’all!  The flower, the ribbons, the bells and the pipe cleaner LHS on my flower (I’m a 70’s girl)! In 2003, my oldest son was in 7th grade. Homecoming was coming up, he was riding on the football float in the parade…so I had to make a Homecoming Mum for his girlfriend! Right?  I just had too! Little did I know at the time, that this was only the beginning! The love and the passion of becoming a Homecoming Mum designer has truly grown over the years.  My clients, are not just customers… they become my friends, my family.  I am creating a special memory that they will remember for years. I do not “just” make a Homecoming Mum, I design your Homecoming Mums.  Because truly, “it is all about mums”!

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