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All-Inclusive Mum Packages



Bronze - Traditional Essential Mum

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Gold - Luxurious Mega Mum


Silver - Traditional Elegant Mum

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Plantinum - A"Mays"ing Magnificent Mum

Bronze Package:

Traditional ESSENTIAL Mum

(example to the left)

Our Essential mum is MUCH more than a basic mum.  It includes a single large 7.5" flower, 3 simple braids, Homecoming loops w/1.25" glitter letters w/rhinestones, bells, bows, trinkets, School/Mascot ribbon, Class ribbon and personalized glitter cardstock names and flower decoration. Starts at $150.00

Silver Package:

Traditional ELEGANT Mum​

(example to the right)


Our Elegant mum has all of the beauty of the Essential mum plus more!  It has more layered ribbons, Homecoming loops w/2" glitter letters w/rhinestones, and includes a boa on each side!

Starts at $225.00

Gold Package:

Luxurious MEGA Mum

(example to the left)


Our Luxurious Mega mum has all of the beauty of the Essential and the Elegant mum, but with "MEGA" upgrades!  It has luxurious ribbons, Homecoming/Senior loops w/2" full rhinestone glitter letters, a boa, bling and finishes upgrade!  The ressult is simply stunning!  The picture to the left also includes the Designer package "Can I add more and let's make it beautiful package".

Starts at $300.00

Platinum Package:

A "Mays" ing Magnificent Mum

(example to the right)


MAGNIFICENT truly describes this mum.  The flowers are upgraded to a 9.5" size rather than 7.5".  This makes this mum, much larger than the Luxurious Mega Mum.  It also has everything the Luxurious Mega Mum has, but upgraded to an exquisite level!  ALSO included is the Senior and Rhinestone Package.

Starts at $450.00

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